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VitthalBhaiPatel #Award to My Dearest Sister Dr Miss Sharad Singh

#VitthalBhaiPatel #Award to My Dearest Sister Dr Miss Sharad Singh
#Congratulations @MissSharadSingh 
Vitthal Bhai Patel an #Indian #Poet & #Lyricist known for penning several #Bollywood #Hindi #film #songs, including "Jhoot Bole Kauva Kate" from the 1973 movie "#Bobby."
Dr (Miss) Sharad Singh is a Hindi fiction and non-fiction eminent writer. She writes prolifically for newspapers on current issues concerning women, and adopts a questioning, daring and challenging stance in her writings. She, as a writer is best known for her novels ‘Pichhale Panne Ki Auraten’, ‘Pachakauri’ and ‘Kasbai Simon’. She wrote remarkable books on women discourse ‘Patton Me Quid Auraten’, ‘Aurat Teen Tasveeren’,‘Dr Ambedkar Ka Stri Vimarsh’, ‘Adhi Duniya Poori Dhoop’, ‘Gadar Ki Chingariyan’ etc. With story books more than 40 Books to her credit on topics ranging from Environment, Forensic Science, History, Tribal Life and Religious writings. She is an expert in Indian History and Culture and has done her Ph.D. on ‘Sculptures of Khajuraho’. She has also written scripts for TV documentaries, Radio serials and has penned various plays. Apart from these, she writes regular columns in Hindi newspapers, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and magazines. She has been awarded by many state governments for her contribution to Hindi literature and is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Govind Vallabh Pant National Award’. She is the Executive Editor of Hindi magazine ‘Samayik Saraswati’.

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